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2015/11/25NOTIFICATION for Lowering Volcanic Alert and Re-open ASO SUPER RING
Mt. ASO NAKADAKE’s Volcanic-alert has been lowering from Level 3 (do not approach the volcano, Prohibit entry to mountain) into Level 2 (do not approach the crater, Prohibit to entry around 1km radius crater) addressed by Japan Meteorological Agency 14:00 24 November 2015 Tuesday. Following a control to entry around crater were deregulations in approx. 2.8km in to approx. 1km radius crater central.
Then ASO SUPER RING (ASR, where ASO-SAN Nishi Station, 1.2km distance crater) has also reopened since 12:00 25 November 2015. We hope to you visit ASR and have enjoying Projection mapping movie to knowing about ASO culture and Volcano.
However, ASO-Ropeway is still suspending service because there are conclude to under the control to entry area. Please understand this condition for your safety.
2015/09/14Information regarding suspending service of Aso Ropeway & Aso Super Ring, due to the volcanic activity of Mt. Aso 14th Sep 2015
On 10:10 14th September 2015, the Japan Meteorological Agency has announced that they have raised the eruption level alert of Mt. Aso from level 2 to Level 3, restricting entry around the surroundings within 2.8km range.
Therefore, we have decided to postpone the operation of the ropeway and Aso Super Ring.
We will post up information regarding schedule of re-opening the service as soon it gets clear.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you in advance for your understandings.
2014/07/18Resuming Service of Asosan Ropeway
We are pleased to inform you that we will be resuming operations from 18th July, Friday.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Thank you for using the Asosan Ropeway.
2014/03/13Implementation of ropeway replacement bus service
We are suspending the operation due to maintenance problems.
The ropeway service will be replaced by bus till mid July.
The fare would be the same as the ropeway’s fare.
Though, please be advised that when the eruption level alert of Mt. Aso is raised and entry around the crater area restricted, the bus service will also be suspended.
Your kind understanding is highly appreciated.
2014/03/01Notice of Price Revision dated April 1, 2014
Please be notified that as from April 1st, we have to revise the fare due to the recent cost inflation of relevant materials and increase of consumption tax.
Your kind understanding is highly appreciated.
ASO Super Ring



Mt. Aso is one of the most famous active volcanoes in Japan.
Mt. Aso Ropeway has carried many passengers since 1958.
The ropeway can carry 91 passengers to the crater's edge in 4 minutes every 15-20 minutes (6-15 minutes during the peak season).


Opened Distance Vertical Interval Cableway Method Capacity Running Speed Net Running Time
April 10th, 1958 858 meters 108 meters 4 line type cable way 91 persons 3.6 m/s 4 min.


Volcanic gases float up from the crater to the rim.

  1. Never visit the rim if you have asthma, bronchitis or heart disease.
  2. If you feel sick, you should not visit the rim.
  3. Place a wet handkerchief over your nose and mouth when you smell volcanic gases on the rim, and leave immediately.
  4. Volcanic gases endanger life and health. If you breathe in volcanic gases and feel sick, contact a member of volcano watch.
  5. Pay attention to announcements about volcanic gases. In case of emergency, please follow members of volcano watch.
  • Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is colorless gases with pungent odor that irritates skin and has great influence on the respiratory system.

Sightseeing about Nakadake Crater

Zone B ( edge of a crater )

  • Photo B1 CraterPhoto B1 Crater
  • Photo B2 ShelterPhoto B2 Shelter

Zone C ( Kako Nishi Station )

  • Photo C1 Kako Nishi StationPhoto C1 Kako Nishi Station
  • Photo C2 YardPhoto C2 Yard
  • Photo C3 AidStationPhoto C3 AidStation

Zone D ( southern side of crater )

  • Photo D1 ObservatorPhoto D1 Observator
  • Photo D2 Panoramic viewPhoto D2 Panoramic view

Nature Trail , SunaSenri

  • Nature TrailNature Trail
  • SunaSenriSunaSenri
  • SunaSenriSunaSenri
Sightseeing about Nakadake Crater


Regular Fares
Classification For Round Trip One Way
Adult 1200 yen 750 yen
Child 600 yen 370 yen
Scenery by which you are surprised > priceless
Group Fares
Classification For Round Trip One Way
Adult 1080 yen 670 yen
Junior High School Student
High School Student
960 yen 600 yen
kindergarten child
Elementary School Student
540 yen 330 yen
Scenery by which you are surprised > priceless

Business Hours

Period Business hours The last departure time
(going up)
The last departure time
(getting down)
One way Round trip
March 20th - October 31st 8:30 - 18:00 16:50 17:25 17:50
November 1st - November 30th 8:30 - 17:00 15:50 16:25 16:50
December 1st - March 19th 9:00 - 17:00 15:50 16:25 16:50


Asosan Nishi Eki ( Asosan Nishi Station) is the main terminal of Mt.Aso Ropeway.

  • Free Parking spacesFree Parking spaces
  • ShopShop
  • Liquor ShopLiquor Shop
  • RestaurantRestaurant
  • Ticket officeTicket office
  • KumamonsanKumamonsan
  • Original Goods[PDF:402KB]Original Goods[PDF:402KB]
  • Aso-sanjo-jinja ShrineAso-sanjo-jinja Shrine
  • Saigendenji TempleSaigendenji Temple
Asosan Nishi Eki Terminal
Coin-operated locker

Coin-operated lockers have been installed on 1st floor.

Left side Fare200yen/day
SizeW:35cm, H:53cm, D:43cm
Right side Fare300yen/day
SizeW:35cm, H:80cm, D:50cm


Access Map to Mt.Aso Ropeway

from Kumamoto/Oita by train and bus


  1. Get off at Aso Station ( JR Hohi Main Line ).
  2. At Aso Station, get on a bus for Asosan-nishieki

from Kumamoto to Beppu, from Beppu to Kumamoto by bus

Train Route

Access Time by car

Telephone number for GPS Navi.: 0967-34-0411

From Kumamoto Interchange : about 1 hour.
From Mashiki-Kumamoto Kuko Interchange : about 1 hour 20 minutes.
From Aso Kumamoto Airport : about 1 hour.
From Kumamoto Castle : about 1 hour 30 minutes.
From Kumamoto Port : about 1 hour 40 minutes.
From JR Aso Station on Mt.Aso Trail Bochu Route : about 20 minutes.
From Kurokawa Onsen : about 1 hour.
From Yufuin Onsen : about 2 hours 10 minutes.
From Takachiho Gorge : about 1 hour 40 minutes.
From Usuki Port : about 3 hours 30 minutes.
From Beppu Port : about 3 hours 10 minutes.

from Kumamoto by car

(from Kumamoto Interchange)
  1. Drive towards the east on Route 57 for Oita.
  2. Drive towards the south on North Route(Mt.Aso Trail Akamizu Route).

from Kumamoto Airport by car

  1. Drive on Prefectural Route 28 along the Tawarayama tunnel.
    And turn to Prefectural Route 39.
  2. Turn right to Route325.

  1. Drive towards the east on Route 325.
    And turn left to South Route(Mt.Aso Trail Yoshida Route).

from Oita or Beppu by car

  1. Drive towards the west on Route 57 for Kumamoto or on Yamanami-HighWay for Kumamoto.
  2. Drive towards the south on East Route(Mt.Aso Trail Bochu Route).

from Takachiho by car

  1. Drive towards the west on Route 325 for Kumamoto.
  2. Drive towards the north on South Route(Mt.Aso Trail Yoshida Route).



Will the ropeway operate tommorow?
Every morning just before our business hours, Japan Meteorological Agency announces the eruption level alert of Mt.Aso. Until we check it, we can not decide whether we begin to operate the ropeway or not.
Do you have regular holidays?
Generally there are no holidays, though there is a chance not operating due to increasing of the eruption level alert of Mt. Aso, which restricts the entry around the crater area. For Maintenance stops and so, schedules are to be announced prior through the web site.

Fares and discounts

How much is the fare for children?
Child fare will be applied for under junior high school students. For children under school age, one free is allowed per one paying adult. Child fare will be applied for the exceeded.
Can we use credit cards at the ropeway?
We do not accept credit cards.
Can I apply a JAF membership discount?
Show your JAF membership card at the ticket counter.
Do you give discounts for seniors?
We do not perform the senior discount.
Is there any discounts for the challenged?
Please show your physical disability certificate at the ticket booth upon purchase. For round trip fare, 1,200yen will be discounted to 600yen, child fare will be discounted from 600yen to 300yen, Single trip fare will also be discounted (Adult 750yen →370yen,Child 370yen →180yen). There will also be discounts for carer, one person per one challenged.

Pets and guide dogs

Can we take our pets with us? Is it free?
Super sized pets are not allowed.
Can we take in small sized dogs? Is it free?
Small dogs are allowed if carried in transport cages, and will be free of charge.
Can we take in guide dogs with us? Is it free?
Well-trained seeing-eye dog, hearing-ear dog, or partner dog are allowed for free of charge.


When using the car navigation system, how should we register?
Enter the phone number 0967-34-0411.
How do you access from Kumamoto City, Aso Kumamoto Airport, Kurokawa Spa, Yufuin, or Beppu?
Sanko Bus is available from each city. For details, see Kyushu Odan Bus
» Kyushu Odan (Cross Kyushu)Bus
How do you access from JR Aso Station?
Sanko Bus (Mt. Aso Tozan (climbing) route) is available. For details, refer to the web site.
» Mt. Aso Tozan (climbing) route


Do you have parking lots?
A free parking area is available at Mt. Aso West Station (80 cars), a toll parking lot available for 120 cars, and also a toll parking lot for 80 buses.
Where is the tickets booth and platform?
At the Mt. Aso West Station, ticket booth is located at the 1st floor, and the platform is at the 2nd floor.
Do you have coin-operated lockers?
Coin-operated lockers are available at the Mt. Aso West Station (1F).
200yen per day, and dimensions are width 35cm, height 53cm, and 43cm in length.
300yen per day, and dimensions are width 35cm, height 80cm, and 50cm in length.
Do you have elevators in your facility?
Unfortunately no elevators. You would need to use stairs only for accessing upstairs.
Is the ropeway accessible for wheelchairs?
Wheelchair is accessible, though we do not have elevators nor escalators in the facility. Please feel freely for asking assistance to the staff on site.
Do you have multipurpose restrooms?
A multipurpose restroom for the physically challenged is available at Asosan Nishi Station (1F), and Kako Nishi Station.


Is it cold at the mountain top?
It is cool in summer, very cold in winter. Sometimes strong wind blows. Recommended to bring wind breakers and overcoats.
How is the ropeway cabin?
The ropeway cabin accomodates 91 passengers max per ride. See the "Configuration".
Do you have commemoration stamps there?
Yes, it is located at the station lobby.
Do you sell any souvenirs there?
There is a gift shop at the station lobby, and sells original products such as pens and key holders and so on.

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